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[PROMPTO] ☠ contact post [22 Sep 2022|10:00pm]

Heyaz. You've reached Prompto! I can't get to the phone right now. Totes saving the world - probably. You know what to do. Leave a message. I'll get back to you.

[ This post is for IC and OOC contact, please specify which when you comment. I'm open to possible verses or regular threaders, either comment here or send a PM and we can work something out. ]

[PROMPTO] ☠ open post [22 Sep 2022|12:22am]

[PROMPTO] ☠ thread index [22 Sep 2022|12:22am]
001: [PROMPTO] ☠ things'll be great when you're downtown
002: [PROMPTO] ☠ goin' places that I've never been | seein' things that I may never see again
003: [PROMPTO] ☠ do not stand at my grave and weep
004: [NOCTIS] ♚ welcome to the new age
005: [PROMPTO] ☠ and there are two of us with our secret love
006: [NOCTIS] ♚ like the stars chase the sun
007: [PROMPTO] ☠ I feel the pain crawling through my veins
008: [NOCTIS] ♚ living in the darkness, I wear it like a crown
009: [NOCTIS] ♚ dancer in the dark
010: [NOCTIS] ♚ speak whispered words to me
011: [PROMPTO] ☠ I break down the walls I want it all; I won't stop until I burn this to the ground
012: [NOCTIS] ♚ it's always darkest before the dawn
013: [PROMPTO] ☠ maybe six feet ain't so far down
014: [NOCTIS] ♚ step by step
015: [PROMPTO] ☠ I'm learning to walk again I believe I've waited long enough
016: [NOCTIS] ♚ see how love binds our broken wings and lost hearts find a home
017: [PROMPTO] ☠ surf, beach, palm trees, got, no worries
018: [PROMPTO] ☠ you've come this far, but you're still far from home
019: [PROMPTO] ☠ a new royal family, a wild nobility, we are the family
020: [PROMPTO] ☠ I believe love could bring us closer than blood
021: [PROMPTO] ☠ mirror man mirror me
022: [NOCTIS] ♚ seeing double
023: [NOCTIS] ♚ the quiet and the calm
024: [PROMPTO] ☠ rock-a-bye baby, in the treetop
025: [NOCTIS] ♚ and you'll love yourself to death
026: [PROMPTO] ☠ welcome to the end of days
027: [PROMPTO] ☠ one day at a time
028: [PROMPTO] ☠ home sweet home
029: [PROMPTO] ☠ we haven't had a date night in what seems like forever

001: [NOCTIS] ♠ black star, forever you will be
002: [NOCTIS] ♠ blood is running deep, some things never sleep
003: [PROMPTO] 📷 topsy turvy wake me I've had enough
004: [PROMPTO] 📷 swim until you can't see land. are you a man? are you a bag of sand?
005: [NOCTIS] ♠ I've got thick skin and an elastic heart
006: [PROMPTO] 📷 every heartbeat filled with sorrow and every day the sky turns gray

001: [PROMPTO] 🤕 had we been blind we would have touched more

001: [PROMPTO] 🔫 things that fail to kill me make me level up
002: [NOCTIS] ♠ I am so much more than royal
003: [PROMPTO] 🔫 we'll take it day by day
004: [NOCTIS] ♠ I've come to burn your kingdom down
005: [NOCTIS] ♠ I never knew daylight could be so violent
006: [PROMPTO] 🔫 look out baby I'm just a jealous guy
007: [PROMPTO] 🔫 and the price is our own life until it´s done
008: [NOCTIS] ♠ I'm all dressed up and naked, I see what's mine and take it

001: [PROMPTO] ☀ that night that you told me those little white lies

001: [PROMPTO] ❆ never felt that I was wanted; another number never counted

001: [PROMPTO] 💀 all by myself don't want to be all by myself anymore

001: [IGNIS] ★ one
002: [IGNIS] ★ two

001: [PROMPTO] ✘ welcome to my personal hell, won't you be my guest?

[PROMPTO] ☠ hmd [22 Sep 2022|12:00am]

How’s My Driving?

Got questions or constructive criticism about the way I play Prompto? Leave them here. While characters are open to interpretation, I really appreciate the time taken to let me know how I can improve my characterization. Please be specific about what you think I'm getting wrong and how I can fix it.

Comments are screened.

[PROMPTO] 💀it's been awhile where should we begin? | for [info]princecharmles [16 Nov 2020|01:34am]
The first few weeks after Noctis defeat Ardyn and ushered in the new dawn had been a hectic blur. There had been so much to do and organise that people barely had the time to breathe. Ten years of careful planning had come to fruition, ten years of darkness was over and the world needed a lot of repairs.

Soon enough, the world fell into a new normal - bouncing back as worlds so often do when given the chance. Prompto, though, he was struggling to find his place in the new world. He wasn't really sure where he fitted in. He was part of Noctis' Kingsglaive, sure, but in a world with no daemons and a world currently at peace, were the Kingsglaive needed as much as they once were?

Ignis was by Noctis' side as his Advisor, and Gladio his shield. Just as they should be. But Prompto? He wasn't politically minded. He wasn't a part of the new council. He had barely seen Noctis, save for a handful of times.

He had struggled through the decade of darkness. The loneliness that the endless night brought. But what kept him going and gave him hope that Noctis was alive and would return was the fact they could still summon their weapons at will. It was a comfort that kept him fighting.

Noctis did return. But the man that came back was Noctis Lucis Caelum - King of Kings. Even before he learned of the prophecy and Noct's role as the Chosen King he had always known that one day Noct would grow up, become King and there would be little room in his life for boyish fun. He knew it would suck, but he thought it'd be okay. Turned out it was a lot harder than he thought it would be to watch his friends - and the world - move on without him.

He felt like he had lost his best friend. If Prompto was honest, he lost his best friend the moment they set sail for Altissia. Prompto couldn't help but grieve for just plain old Noct. It felt ridiculous mourning for a person who was very much alive, but he couldn't help it.

Prompto was hurting and wasn't sure how to fix it. His eyes had lost their sparkle. He looked older, worn and tired. His smile never quite lit up the way it once did. He threw himself into various rebuilding projects - anything to fill the gaping void in his heart. Working himself to the point of exhaustion just so he could pass out at night to get some sleep without his mind wandering.

Before too long, he found himself working on the Citadel stables. Ensuring they were safely restored for the recent chocobo arrivals. He sat on one of the stall ledges, hand-feeding greens to a beautiful black chocobo, reaching out to scritch and scratch her neck feathers. Even the chocobo hadn't managed to draw a full Prompto smile out of him.

[PROMPTO] 💀 the dawn of a dark day [21 Aug 2019|01:55am]
It was supposed to be so simple... well, all Prompto's awkward feelings for Noct aside. The plan was simple and straightforward - travel to Altissia, watch Noct marry Luna, return to Lucis, watch Noct take over more royal duties. And to begin with, the plan went off without a hitch... Okay, okay, that was a total and utter lie - things had started to go wrong almost as soon as they had left the City. The car breaking down, the not having the right currency. Small hiccups, right? Then once they reached Galdin Quay the boats weren't running.

Just another minor hitch, right? A good night sleep and then everything would be tickety-boo... only not. The boat not running was the least of their new problems. The treaty signing - the big thing that was supposed to bring peace had ended in bloodshed and the Empire laying waste to the Citadel and the surrounding areas.

Prompto hadn't wanted to believe it at first. There was no way the city could've fallen. It wasn't until he saw it with his own eyes that the reality of the situation really started to sink in. So many lives pointlessly lost at the hands of the Empire. The King - Noct's dad, the King's Shield - Gladio's dad, Ignis' uncle, countless other glaives, and Citadel staff, not to mention any civilians that got in the way. He had tried to contact his parents ever since the news broke. He had no idea if they had been in Lucis at the time of the assault. He had no idea if they were dead or alive. It made his chest hurt. Were they dead? Or were they alive and just didn't care enough to make contact?

They had made camp not far from Hammerhead. Prompto could hear the growls and groans of the daemons in the distance. He could still see the smoke rising from Lucis. It was unsettling to say the least. Once Gladio and Ignis had retired to the tent, Prom made his way over to Noct by the campfire and simply looped his arms around him. He knew Noct was incredibly bad at expressing his feelings and he must be hurting so freaking bad right now. He had lost everything. Prom would do whatever he could do to help shoulder that pain. "I gotcha, bud."

[PROMPTO] 💀 the start of something new [07 May 2019|02:21am]
Prompto couldn't believe he had his Crownsguard fatigues in his hands. His. Designed, measured and created just for him. He wasn't an official member of the Crownsguard by any means, but it had been decided that since he was going to be joining Noct, Ignis and Gladio on the journey to the wedding that he should have his own outfit to look the part and that he should be given some basic self-defence training - just in case. When he had met with Clarus he had promised that he would protect Noctis no matter what, but Clarus had told him that his priority in no uncertain terms was his own safety. Prom wasn't exactly sure how he felt about that; sure, it was kinda nice not having that weight and burden of oath to protect Noct, but also Noct was his very best friend in the whole entire universe so of course he would do whatever he could to keep Noct safe even if he wasn't a skilled fighter.

He was so excited to go home to show his parents. To prove to them that he was worthy to go on this trip. He should've known they wouldn't be home - they rarely were. Still, it stung to know he wouldn't get to see them before he left or get to show them what he had achieved.

He arrived at Noct's apartment at the same time as Ignis. The four of them had plans to finish packing the apartment up and cleaning it, ready for their departure.

Eventually, once Gladio and Ignis were passed out for the night in the living room, Prom sat himself down on the edge of Noct's bed. "Man, this is really happening, huh? Tomorrow is the start of the rest of your life. You excited?"

He fiddled with the folded pile of clothes ready for tomorrow. "Can you believe they actually gave a pleb like me a Crownsguard outfit? Me? Hey! You wanna see what it looks like on?"

[PROMPTO] ♚ living a lie [25 Aug 2018|12:28am]
Princess Promera was adored by the people of Niflheim. She radiated beauty, finesse, and above all, compassion. People would flock from miles around just to catch a glimpse of her.

Only, Promera was living a lie. She wasn't a princess. She wasn't even a girl. In fact, she was actually plain ol' prince Prompto. Only son of the Emperor. He was clumsy and awkward, and far from what the people wanted to see, or what the Emperor wanted them to see. His entire life he had been forced to play the part of the elegant princess. And for years it had been fun to play make-believe. But now... now he just wanted to be himself, to live his own life without having to hide behind a facade.

That wasn't something that would be happening anytime in his near future, however. Since the Emperor had decided that Prompto - or rather Promera would be joined in matrimony with Prince Noctis of Lucis. All part of some elaborate peace treaty deal that Prompto knew little of. In fact, he knew very little about most things. He was kept from public view whenever he wasn't greeting the crowds; he was home-schooled with limited access to books beyond what his tutors gave him. His worldview was narrow at best, and his knowledge of Lucis, its King and its Prince were warped, to say the least.

He hated the fact that his father hadn't even discussed the marriage with him or even asked how he felt about it. He hated that he didn't even have the slightest say in his own fate. Worse still that his fate would be tied to a monster like Noctis Lucis Caelum.

What was he supposed to say to Noctis when the truth about his identity was revealed? How could such a lie aid the peace treaty? His father had insisted that once the wedding was done and the paperwork signed, the marriage - and the treaty - was binding. Unbreakable. Prom wasn't convinced.

For the entire journey to Insomnia, he felt like his stomach was in knots. Shortly before the magitek ship arrived he was helped into a long, elegant white dress by his hand-maiden - Aranea - who, really, was more of a shield and hardly maidenly at all. She then helped ensure his hair and makeup were flawless. Hairclips adorned with crystals decorated blonde hair. Makeup covered every blemish and imperfection - not a single freckle or beauty mark on show. He looked radiant. He looked like a princess. And he hated it.

Eventually, the dropship landed and Prompto, Emperor Iedolas, Ardyn, and Aranea departed, flanked by a handful of magitek soldiers. Quickly they were led to a fleet of cars by the Crowsguard and whisked away to the Citadel. Prompto felt like the eyes of the world were upon him as he stepped out of the car. The noise from the crowd was almost deafening, and the sight of the Citadel was dizzying. Such a stunning building he had never seen the likes of before in his life. It was overwhelming. It was Aranea who steadied him and helped him find his feet before walking at his side towards the steps where the King, Noctis and a whole host of important looking people stood.

It was then that he really got his first good look at Noctis - hm, he didn't look like the monster he had been imagining, but he, of all people, knew looks could be deceiving.

The introductions began, and soon enough it was Prompto's turn to greet the Lucian royals. He curtsied to the King and gave a polite "Your Majesty," before turning his attention to Noctis, instantly captivated by those stunning eyes. "Your Highness."

[PROMPTO] ☠ perfect little world [24 Apr 2018|01:10pm]
Prompto felt guilty that he got to spend all day playing with and taking care of Freya while Noct was stuck working; but he absolutely loved being a stay-at-home dad. He had been nervous at first that he wouldn't take to fatherhood, or that he would feel stifled and trapped but he truly loved spending time with his precious little girl.

And with Noct's god powers it meant that when he did come home after work he wasn't in pain and was able to spend that quality family time together instead of needing to sleep while dosed up on far too much pain medication just to be able to get through the day. It also meant they could take vacations and trips much more frequently because Noct could just God Express them where they needed to go.

Speaking of, Prom was planning a trip or two in the near future. He wanted to ensure Freya's life was filled with as much love as possible and that they spent the time making the best memories together. His adoptive parents had never been there for him and Noct's dad had been so busy being King and had the strain of maintaining the Wall ebbing away at his health. He was determined to make things different for Freya. He and Noct would be there as much as they could for her. He wanted the best for her. He wanted her to feel like the most loved child in the world.

By the time Noct had finished with his last meeting of the day, it seemed a day of baby playtime and baby adventuring had been too much for the Princess and her Papa - Prompto was asleep in the oversized rocking chair in the nursery with Freya asleep in a fabric baby harness on his chest. A storybook and numerous toys were on the floor nearby and Umbra was curled up sleeping beside the chair too. A picture of family bliss - the only thing missing was Noct (and a kitten or two).

[PROMPTO] ☠ we haven't had a date night in what seems like forever [08 Mar 2018|03:11am]
Date night! Prompto had practically been buzzing with excitement ever since Noct mentioned it. It had been far too long since they had been on a date and they were well overdue.

Things had taken a little time to get back to a smooth rhythm after Noctis' return. Mostly due to Prompto needing to find his feet all over again - he needed to remember how to be Prince Consort Prompto - husband of the King of Eos, as well as being Prom - best friend of Noct and not just how to be Prompto - dad of two. He needed to learn to let others in again, to share the responsibilities of parenthood and to let down his defences around those who loved and cared for him.

Not to mention he had to wrap his head around the fact that his best friend and the absolute love of his life was in fact a literal God. And not just any god but the most powerful of all the gods. He already felt inferior to Noct and now Noct was a god? Well, it was a whole new level of feeling inferior that he had to learn to deal with and move on from.

Personal struggles aside, Prom and Noctis' priorities had been the restoration of Insomnia and the surrounding lands. As promised, Noct had worked to make them as good as new - a combination of god powers and a hard working team of people. The future of Eos was looking brighter than ever before. Peace seemed to be holding. No major factions seemed to be creeping up the ranks to take the place of the Empire. The nations were truly united just as a much younger Noct had envisioned.

With the world put to rights, it meant that Noct and Prom could take the time to focus on themselves and their relationship - hence the much anticipated date night. And it wasn't just any old date night - it was their first proper official date that didn't require them to have a team of undercover security systematically placed around their date location - a thought that made Prompto giddy with joy.

He had spent most of the day primping and preening and making sure he looked his best. He still hadn't gotten his hair cut since Noct had been back, by now it was just above his shoulders and pulled up into a half ponytail - well at least he didn't look like a chocobo butt! In contrast, his face was clean shaven and he had even gone as far as a little touch of guyliner - just to make those baby blues really pop. Outfit-wise he had gone with his smartest pair of black jeans, boots, a black skull t-shirt and a black suit jacket. Smart, but not overly stuffy. He just hoped it was smart enough for wherever Noct had in mind.

Of course, now that date time was fast approaching he was quickly going from excited husband to fretting father. He hovered around Ignis and Freya, bubbling with nervous energy. "You sure you'll be okay? And you got our phone numbers in case you need to reach us? And Noct gave you the number of the place we're going? And you have the list I gav--"

Ignis cut him off with a gentle hand on his shoulder. "I assure you, Prompto. Gladio and I are more than capable of watching the children. They are in safe hands."

[PROMPTO] ✘ welcome to my personal hell, won't you be my guest? [23 Jan 2018|11:51pm]
Noctis, Ignis and Gladiolus had been incredibly relieved to find Prompto in one piece and relatively unharmed in the Keep. The only problem was that wasn't Prompto, it was one of Ardyn's tricks. The real Prompto was still deep within the Keep watching on the monitors as his three best friends fussed over the doppelganger. "Guys!! That's not me! Please!! You gotta see that's not me!" He screamed, he begged, wishing they could hear him through the screen.

He watched on in horror as Noct was sucked into the Crystal and as Ignis and Gladio prepared to leave the Keep with the fake him. "Please? Don't leave me behind here. Please?"

"Oh dear," Ardyn's voice oozed against Prompto's ear. "It appears your dear friends couldn't tell you apart from a mere puppet. How frightfully sad." He gripped hold of Prompto's chin with his finger and thumb, forcing the blond to look at him. "No matter. You will play your part before this story is done, dear boy."

Prompto didn't understand what Ardyn meant then, and a decade later he was still none the wiser. All he knew was that he had been in a living hell the whole time. The days blurred into weeks, which blurred into months, which blurred into years. Time lost all meaning to Prompto. He didn't know how long it had been since he had been abandoned by his friends.

At first he had tried to escape. He even got as far as outside of the Keep one time, but he was rewarded with a dislocated shoulder and cracked ribs for his efforts - injuries which were simply allowed to heal of their own accord without being properly aligned. It had left his shoulder terribly out of line, restricting the movement of his arm greatly. Over the years plenty of other injuries followed whenever his seemed disobedient, or whenever Ardyn grew bored.

Bruises had bruises, none ever really having time to heal before fresh ones appeared. His unwashed hair was matted with blood and grime. He was so emaciated that it was only the crudely constructed exo-suit he was shoved into that enabled him to have the strength to walk.

There were even times when Ardyn had been incredibly kind to him. Soft, gentle words and caresses that fed a need deep inside the touch-starved Prompto. There were times when he could barely remember what his friends looked like or how their voices sounded. Other times it was crystal clear. His heart ached at the memories of them.

He couldn't work out what Ardyn's game was. The fake Prompto was still out there; reporting back to Ardyn regularly with updates. He couldn't figure why Ardyn was keeping him alive when his fake was replacing him so perfectly.

At some point during the ten years of darkness Prompto was moved to the Citadel with Ardyn though he had no idea how long it had been. All he knew was that his life was no less of a hell at the Citadel than it had been at the Keep.

Eventually the day came that Noct and his royal retinue would make their way to the Citadel. The four of them ending their journey the way they began - side by side. Or so they thought.

Prompto had been shoved into his exo-suit in readiness for their arrival. Encased in his metal prison, completely covered from view save for half of his face. Pale skin, faded freckles and one dull blue eye that had lost all its sparkle and life. He was forced to stand beside the throne even though his legs could barely hold him upright, even with the suit on.

Ardyn's voice rang out across the Citadel, mocking and taunting Noct and his friends. His voice was like poison, toxic and oozing. Yet it had been the only voice Prompto had heard in ten long years. The only voice that reminded him that he was not alone.

"What kind of king do you hope to be? What king can expect to protect his people when he can't even protect his dear friend?" With a click of Ardyn's fingers the doppelganger Prompto disintegrated into a puddle of black ooze at Noct's feet. "To think... all this time and none of you could even tell the sweet boy from a monster. I suppose the boy really meant nothing to you after all."

[PROMPTO] ☠ home sweet home [03 Jan 2018|01:16pm]
Prompto wasn't sure how many times he had woken up in the night just to check that Noct was still there beside him; every time he opened his eyes to see his gorgeous best friend still by his side he smiled to himself and nuzzled closer. The sleep he had managed to get was really good quality sleep though, the best he'd had in ages.

Unfortunately, soon enough it was morning and Freya had not yet mastered the art of lazy mornings - she definitely did not take after Noctis in that respect. She was awake early and very vocal about it. Prompto got her up, changed, fed and dressed in the most adorable dress and booties - all before he had even had his first coffee.

He got himself ready and then started the mundane task of packing up their few belongings in the caravan - those he could pack up without disturbing the others. He loaded what he could up into the trunk of the Regalia. Prompto was sure that Noct would want to use his super god powers to transport them back to Insomnia instantly, but really, the drive wasn't that long and it would give them some time to just chill as a family and think about what they were gonna say to the guys once they got back to the Citadel.

His stomach was knotted with nerves. He hadn't seen Ignis or Gladio since he had left the capital. He had spoken to Ignis a few times on the phone and Cor had visited a couple of times. And while he was super excited to see his friends again, he also felt nauseous with worry. Not to mention the fact they were about to drop the huge news bomb on them that surprise! Noct's not dead and he's totes a God now!

Next to rise was Duo. He took a shower and got dressed while Prompto made him some toast for breakfast. Prompto told him about the plan to return home to the Citadel, but Duo seemed reluctant to leave Cid and Cindy. He quite enjoyed spending his days with Cid. Apparently, Duo's future would be something Prompto would need to discuss with Noct.

Speaking of Noct, Prom leaned onto the bed and pressed a soft kiss to his cheek. "Mornin' Noct. The God of Lazy planning on joining us any time soon?" Apparently some things never changed and actually, Prom was pretty okay with that. "I made toast. You want some? Duo will eat it all if you're not awake in like five seconds. And then you'll have to eat veggies."

[PROMPTO] ☠ one day at a time [07 Dec 2017|03:35am]
The days that followed Noct's death were hard. Prompto barely had the energy or the will to get out of bed. He wanted nothing more than to curl up and die. It was only his love and responsibility to Freya that gave him the push he needed to drag himself out of bed. Even so, he only did the bare minimum. He took care of Freya and he slept. All but shutting himself off from the world and from his loved ones - aside from Freya and Duo.

He couldn't bring himself to attend the service honouring Noct's life. He couldn't stand there and listen to people spout a load of crap about what a great man Noct was and what a great King he was. He was a great man and he was a great King but if half of those people had given a damn when he was alive then maybe he would still be here now instead of worked into an early grave. Besides, someone had to stay home and take care of Freya. They had never gotten around to officially announcing her to the world. A funeral seemed the wrong time and place.

Prompto had insisted that Noct be buried in his combat boots. People had tried to cut him down and tell him it was improper and that Noct should be buried in his best suit and dress shoes. Prompto hadn't backed down though. It was important to him that Noct be buried in comfy boots because his dress shoes pinched his feet. In the end they had relented, giving a grieving widower the closure he needed. After all, people wouldn't even see his feet while he was laid in state and definitely after he was sealed away in his tomb.

Next came the issue of who would take the throne now Noct was gone. As far as Prompto was concerned that was simple - he would take the throne until Freya was old enough. Apparently it wasn't that simple - again due to the whole not announcing Freya to the world thing. That, and the apparent whispers and mutterings amongst some of the Council that Prompto and Duo had had something to do with Noct's death in order to put a Niff on the throne. There were no official accusations thus no legal action was taken against Prompto or Duo, but the whispers were enough to instil fear and doubt into the people. Announcing Freya now would only make things worse.

It was decided that as the next highest official ranking person in Eos that Gladiolus should take the throne. Gladio had made it clear to Prompto that he didn't need to leave and that the Citadel was still every bit as much his home as it had been when Noct was alive.

Gladio took the throne mere days after Noct's funeral. Ignis as his Advisor and Cor as his Shield.

Then came the issue of money. Apparently Prompto's cards were all linked to Noct's account and the royal treasury. With Noct gone, he was no longer eligible to access those funds. It left him with only what small amount of money he had managed to accumulate through hunts. It was not a large amount. Definitely not enough to raise a family long term.

It was a difficult decision but Prompto decided to leave the Citadel - to leave Insomnia. It wasn't just that Gladio was King or the whispers or the lack of money that swayed his mind, but also the fact that everywhere he looked in the royal quarters - or the Citadel in general - reminded him of Noct and it was too painful to handle.

He contacted Cindy who agreed to let him move into one of the caravans at Hammerhead rent free in exchange for helping out at the garage or helping out with Cid. The poor guy was beyond frail and ageing fast and needed a lot more care these days. And so it was decided. Prompto, Duo and Freya moved out to Hammerhead. Cor escorted them, wanting to be certain Prompto was sure about his decision. The two had become close over the years. Prompto saw Cor as the father-figure he'd always needed in his life, and in turn Cor felt protective over Prom. He had given Prom a large amount of gil that Prompto tried to refuse, only for Cor to insist that it was to help look after the future Queen.

The caravan wasn't much but they made the best they could of it. Duo had the top bunk to himself. Prompto dismantled the bottom bunk and stored the pieces, using the space for Freya's crib. Prompto, himself, made use of the bed that converted from the table and sofa.

Duo spent time looking after Freya while Prompto worked in the garage and when he wasn't taking care of Freya he spent his time with Cid. He was a natural at taking care of the old grouch. Apparently that desire to nurture that ran so strongly through Prompto also ran through Duo.

Prompto was struggling with his depression. He hadn't properly grieved Noct the first time and he definitely hadn't properly grieved him this time. Every day was a battle with himself. He wasn't sleeping well. He was barely eating, despite Takka providing him and Duo with a free hot meal daily. In fact, he was doing a terrible job of taking care of himself.

On the flip side, he was taking fantastic care of Duo and Freya. Duo's confidence and personality were really beginning to blossom and Freya was hitting all her milestones on time, if not early. Prompto poured all of his focus and energy into caring for them. They were his world and he would protect them at any cost.

He kept Noct's wedding ring and ring from the Gods on a chain around his neck and the caravan had pictures of Noct and their friends, and Freya, Duo, and even himself in various frames littered around the few available spaces. It hurt him to know that Freya wouldn't remember the time she had got to spend with her dad. But he made it his mission to make sure she grew up knowing all about him.

Prompto considered getting a chocobo and starting his own delivery service. Even with the airship taxis up and running there was still a demand for chocobo mail. He could even take Freya out with him. It was definitely something to think about. For now though? For now he was sat on the step of the caravan, watching as the sun set, cradling Freya in his arms.

[PROMPTO] ☠ welcome to the end of days [01 Dec 2017|12:21am]
Prompto hadn't been joking when he had told Noctis he was banned from working for the foreseeable future. For the first few days after Noct's fainting spell Prompto wouldn't even let him out of bed - aside from to go to the bathroom. A few days after that, Prompto relented and let Noct out of bed but not out of their quarters. A few days after that, Noct was allowed to do paperwork and read reports, but he still wasn't allowed out of their quarters.

Prompto felt mean, bossing Noct around and not giving him the freedom to make his own choices, but it was for his own good in the long run. He focused his attention on looking after Noct, nursing him back to health, as well as on looking after Freya and Duo. He was exhausted, but those three were his priority right now.

He made his way over to the sofa where Noct was sitting and draped his arms over the back and over Noct's shoulders, planting a kiss on top of his head. "You hungry? I can get the kitchen staff to send up some more of Ignis' fantastic soup?" They had practically been living on the soup - it was easy on Noct's stomach and full of goodness to aid his recovery. It was also incredibly tasty. Most things Ignis made were. "Or we can try something else if you feel up to it?"

[PROMPTO] ☠ rock-a-bye baby, in the treetop [11 Nov 2017|04:41am]
Prompto made sure to check on the baby's tank every single day. It had become part of his routine. At first he had just checked the screen to ensure everything was working fine, but as the baby became more developed he couldn't help turning the light on in the tank to watch her as she grew. He hadn't revealed her gender to Noct - he wasn't sure if Noct knew or if he even wanted to know before she was born. Their very own little princess.

Even now, it seemed surreal.

Just a few short years ago he was in a spiral of despair and mourning, willing his life to end because living in a world without Noct was just too much to bear. Now he was married to that very same Noct, rehabilitating a clone and about to become a father.

Apparently he was about to become a father a little sooner than anticipated. He had always assumed that he and Noct would be in control of the birth of their baby, choosing when they were ready for her - much like he had been in control of releasing Duo from his tank. Apparently their baby had other ideas. She was ready and she was ready now.

The machine was beeping, lights were flashing up like crazy on the control panel. He remembered his promise to Noct that he wouldn't do this without him like he had with Duo. The only problem was that Noct was in a very important meeting.

Crap. Crap. Crap. He pressed some buttons to try and silence the machine but it didn't work. There was nothing for it. He had to get Noct - even if he got yelled at after.

He ran as fast as he could to the meeting room. He wasn't as fast as he used to be thanks to the lingering damage to his back, but he was thankful for all those years of jogging and sprinting. Even so, he was pretty out of breath as he pushed the door open.

"Excuse me, sorry. Don't mind me. Apologies," Prompto mumbled his apologies to the people as he made his way over to Noct. "Noct! I mean um... sorry, Your Majesty..." his hands were shaking, and not just because he had been running. "It's... ah... it's time..."

[PROMPTO] ❆ never felt that I was wanted; another number never counted [17 Oct 2017|11:09pm]
Prompto had spent his entire life within the confines of the Magitek Research Facility. He had never stepped outside before. He had never felt fresh air on his face or the chill of snow landing on his skin or the warm glow of the sun. He was the son of the Empire's Research Chief - Verstael Besithia and was set to follow in his father's footsteps and take over his research. In fact, Verstael had been so sure of his son's genius that he had used the boy's DNA to create his vast army of MT clones. Over the years, however, it became apparent that Prompto had little interest in science or research. He would often find himself zoning out while Verstael was explaining something.

He wanted to see beyond the facility. He wanted to see the world. The closest he had ever gotten was to look at the pictures in the books in the Library. His pride and joy were two full colour photo images he had torn from the pages of a book - he felt incredibly guilty for tearing the pages out but it meant he could keep the pictures close. One was of the city of Insomnia in Lucis - it was beautiful, the way the Wall glimmered in the sunlight, the tall buildings, the people. Just looking at the picture made Prompto's heart soar. He found himself imagining what it would be like to walk those streets, to walk by those buildings.

Little did he know that the Empire had invaded Insomnia and the beautiful city in his picture was now little more than a pile of rubble. He knew that the Empire and Insomnia were at war and that the Empire wanted to get their hands on the Crystal for some reason he didn't fully comprehend - he knew it involved the Emperor and he knew it was one of the reasons his dad was so busy creating the clones that looked like him and freaked him out. But he wasn't aware the attack on Insomnia had already happened.

His second picture was of a yellow chocobo with three young chicks around it's feet. The feathered creatures made him smile so much. He wanted to be able to touch one - to see if those feathers were soft or rough. He wanted to know whether the skin on their legs was scaly or leathery. He wanted to know what sound they made. They fascinated him. He wanted to know everything there was to know about chocobos.

To say his father was disappointed that Prompto didn't want to follow in his footsteps would be an understatement. All his hopes and dreams that his only true-born child would take up the reins shattered. In his eyes his son was nothing more than a failure. But he decided there was a way he could still make use of him. Verstael decided that his waste of a space son could be infected with daemon blood in much the same way the clones were.

Verstael was curious to see what kind of monster he could create. The MTs were impressive but they were little more than soulless killing machines. He wanted to know what kind of killer he could create with someone with free will. It was a most fascinating science experiment to him.

He had never outright told Prompto what he was doing. The injections started when Prompto was fifteen. He had been told they were nutrients since he didn't get to go outside. To help his immune system, to help him develop. Prompto had never questioned it. He received his weekly injections without fanfare, without fuss, even though they made him feel incredibly sick. Every time he would vomit thick, black, tar-like gloop. The first time it had happened he had been terrified he was dying and had told his father. Verstael had dismissed it as a common side effect and Prompto had never mentioned it again even though the vomiting had gotten worse as the years went on.

At age twenty, Verstael decided Prompto was ready for the next phase. While Prompto wasn't as twisted and broken as he had would've liked he was curious to see what would happen once the boy was on the battlefield. Prompto's world was turned upside down as Verstael ordered MTs to shove the boy inside one of the vacant magitek suits as though he meant nothing to him. Terrified eyes locked with his father's who only stated cruelly that this was the only way Prompto could be of any worth to him. He could barely breathe as the suit locked around him.

His brain could barely process what was happening as he was forced on an airship with the other soldiers. His heart hurt. While he had never really had any interest in his father's work and he had little love for the Empire he had loved his father wholly. To be cast aside as little more than a piece of trash broke his heart. Before he knew it, the dropship door opened and he was forced to jump out alongside the other MTs. The jump should've broken his ankles but the suit absorbed the impact. He didn't even have time to register that he was outside for the first time ever. He barely had time to scramble to his feet as the MTs engaged in battle, mindlessly attacking their targets. The sound of gunfire rattled in his ears, amplified by the suit. The sound of metal on metal - axes on giant swords. The swish of something followed by the blue shadows it left behind... it was all too much for Prompto.

That tightness in his chest returned. He couldn't breathe. He felt like he was suffocating. He needed to get out of the suit. He clawed at the face plate, trying to get it open. Daggers flew dangerously close to his shoulder and he squeaked in fear, dodging as best as he could only for them to strike his arm a moment later. The pain was like nothing he had ever felt before. White clouded his vision and he could tell he was sobbing. His frantic attempts to claw at his mask only increased even as the MTs fell lifeless around his feet.

[PROMPTO] ☠ mirror man mirror me [08 Oct 2017|04:12am]
Prompto knew he had to figure out what to do about the clone they had brought back from the research facility sooner rather than later. He realised that leaving the clone to fester in it's tank wasn't any kind of existence. He also knew that he probably should have terminated the clone at the facility rather than risk bringing it back to Insomnia. But he couldn't bring himself to do it. He was sure the others wouldn't truly understand why he had brought the clone back with him.

He needed to try and help the clone. Something deep inside of him couldn't just walk away and abandon it. Someone had risked their safety to bring him to Insomnia as an infant, had put him in a loving fami-- well a family and given him the chance to grow up relatively normal. He couldn't do that for the clone, but he could give it a chance at living a proper life. No one should be created merely to be stuffed into a suit of armour and forced to fight.

He knew he was taking a risk. The clone could already have started it's transformation. Prompto had no way of knowing whether he was releasing a killing machine inside the Citadel. There was a chance he was putting the people of Insomnia at risk; putting the King at risk. But he couldn't just ignore the chance that the clone might be able to adapt to human life and enjoy happiness just like he had. He just hoped his reflexes were quick enough if he did have to put the clone down.

Prompto sucked in a nervous breath as he turned the light in the tank back on. It was strange to see an almost replica of him inside. Sure, not identical. The clone didn't have his hair and it's face wasn't smattered with sunkissed freckles. It didn't have the faint slither of silver-white stretchmarks and battle scars either. Still, it looked eerily similar. He used the controls to drain the liquid from the tank and release the clone. His fingers twitched, ready to call his gun from the Armiger should he need to. He watched with bated breath as the contraption opened. He blinked at the clone and the clone blinked back at him. Blue eyes! It had blue eyes just like he did! They weren't red like the MTs in the suits. So far so good.

"Uh... Hi? I'm Prompto. It's nice to finally meet you face to face instead of through the glass." The clone continued to blink at him, head tilting as Prompto spoke. Well at least the clone seemed able to breathe, hear and see just fine. He quickly realised that he had no idea what to do next. Once he was sure the clone wasn't going to murder him he grabbed his phone and fired a text off to Noct.

'Hey Gorgeous. Once you're done being King for the day can you drop by our room... for reasons. Love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'

He led the clone to his and Noct's bedroom and found some clothes for it to wear. He handed the clothes to it and it just looked at him blankly. "They're clothes. We wear them." He tried to motion getting dressed but after a few moments he gave up and dressed the clone himself. "There. Much better. Man... I guess we should figure out what to do with you next, huh?"

[PROMPTO] ☀ that night that you told me those little white lies [01 Oct 2017|04:01am]
Ever since Prompto had befriended Noctis at fifteen life had been pretty perfect. For the first time in his life he wasn't alone. Sure, it hadn't been easy sailing at first - everyone assuming that Prompto was only friends with Noct because he was the Crown Prince of Lucis and trying to prove them otherwise hadn't been easy. Not to mention having to win over the people close to Noct - especially his Shield and his Advisor. Both of whom had thought that a) Prom only wanted to be Noct's friend for aforementioned reasons and b) Prom was a terrible influence on Noct. But once he had spent time and got to know them and they had got to know him they were no longer just Noct's Shield and his Advisor; they were Gladio and Ignis - Prompto's other friends. And while Prompto knew that their duty to Noct and to the Crown came before all else, it was still fun to hang out with them.

Yep. Life was pretty sweet. Well, aside from a few minor details. Firstly - and probably most importantly in Prompto's mind - he had somehow, somewhere along the line developed feelings for Noctis. They'd always had quite a physical relationship - piggybacks, hugging, sharing a bed, high fives. But those touches had started to do things to Prompto. At first he had shrugged it off as a highly active sex drive with minimal form of release. But then he had found himself staring at Noct in class instead of focusing on his work. When he hung out at the Citadel while Noct was training with Gladio he could barely keep his eyes off him. The way Noct moved almost like he was dancing - it was captivating. Prompto had found that his camera was filled with more and more shots of Noct as time went on. He found himself thinking about Noct at inappropriate times. Fuck. He had a crush on his best friend.

An unrequited crush at that. After all, Noct could have anyone in the whole of Insomnia - hell, the whole of Lucis. He always had pretty girls trying to flirt with him. Like all the prettiest girls in school following him like love sick puppies. The last thing he needed was a loser like Prompto pining after him too.

Ugh. Why?! Of all the people to get a crush on why did he had to fall for his best (and only true) friend?! He was so dumb. This was why he was going to end up alone.

The second minor detail that was messing up Prompto's otherwise perfect life was money - or lack thereof. His parents worked away most of the time, but they sent him money regularly for food and bills. Alongside a part-time job at the camera shop it worked out fine. Prom had enough money to pay rent, the bills and keep the fridge and cupboards well stocked with food and even had enough money left over to hang out with Noct at the arcade or fast food restaurant regularly. At least until recently. His parents had called him - a rarity in itself - they had told him that they wouldn't be able to send as much money as they had in the past. Prompto being Prompto had said it was fine and put on his happiest voice for them. And it was fine - at first. He had some savings set aside and the freezer was full up. But as time had gone on it had become harder and harder to live on the money his parents were sending. Some weeks it was a choice between food and rent - most often rent won out because he would never forgive himself if he lost his parents' house because he couldn't budget properly.

He had turned off all the heating in the house to save money, but even so the bills were still pretty expensive. He was almost out of food and the camera shop had cut his hours in half due to overstaffing.

Prompto knew if he just mentioned his struggle to Noct then his best friend would help him out in an instant but he hadn't said anything. He didn't want Noct to think he was using him for his money. He would sooner suffer in silence than let Noct see what a real loser he was.

He had had to pick up another part time job at a pizzeria a few nights a week. The hours were late into the evening though and it left him exhausted and cut into his social life and homework time something terrible. It was getting harder and harder to come up with excuses as to why he couldn't hang out with Noct. He wished he could just be honest and admit he had picked up another job but then Noct would want to know why. So the rational (but not necessarily smart) part of Prompto had decided to simply lie.

Lying wasn't simple though. It was exhausting. He sat under a tree on the school grounds, trying not to fall asleep while waiting for Noct to join him for lunch. Not that Prompto had any lunch to eat. He was starving too. He really hoped Iggy had packed extra sweet treats for Noct, if not Prompto would just lie and say he had already eaten.

Crush on his best friend and money worries aside life was pretty good.

[PROMPTO] ☠ I believe love could bring us closer than blood [17 Sep 2017|01:08am]
Prompto had the best night's sleep he had had in ages. No nightmares plagued him; he slipped into a deep, rejuvenating slumber. By the time he awoke Noct had already left for the day - which in itself was a rarity - Prompto was almost always awake before Noctis. He stretched out in the bed, occupying Noct's side as well which was already cold suggesting Noct had been up awhile. He yawned and reached for his phone to look at the time. Yep. He had really slept in. He fired off a quick text message to Noct.

'Morning Majesty. [crown emoji][kiss emoji][heart emoji]. Love you. See you later once you're done being king for the day. I'm gonna invite the guys for dinner. Hope you don't mind. [carrot emoji][carrot emoji][carrot emoji][carrot emoji][winky face emoji][heart emoji]'

He dragged himself out of bed then and went to grab a quick shower. He got dried and dressed and slathered just enough gel into his hair to tame it. Next he went to check that everything was okay with the machines - both the one with their baby in it and the one with the clone from the research facility in it - he really needed to figure out what to do with said clone, but it could wait for another day. He pressed a kiss against the glass of the tank being used to grow his and Noct's offspring and smiled soft. "Morning baby. I can't wait to meet you, little one."

Next he sent Gladio a text inviting him and Ignis to dinner - not that that was such a rare occurrence. The four of them often had dinner together in an evening. It was the part of the text that requested Gladio keep Ignis away from the kitchen that was unusual given that it was mostly Ignis who cooked for them since Noct was such a fussy eater even now and often refused the food the other cooks made. But today... today was special. Ignis couldn't very well cook his own 'congratulations you're going to be an uncle' dinner, could he? So Prompto had taken it upon himself to cook.

His cooking skills were... well, they left a lot to be desired. However, he could make an awesome spaghetti bolognese and so that was what he was going to cook and since he was such a kind and considerate husband he even separated some of the meat and sauce into a separate pan for Noct before adding the onions, mushrooms and beans. True love.

He contemplated making dessert but in the end decided to order four luxury chocolate cakes from a wonderful bakery that had opened up across the other side of Insomnia. One they were delivered he really wished he had ordered five so he could sneak a cheeky one because they looked absolutely delicious and smelled divine.

Prompto had also had a few bottles of champagne delivered to the Citadel which were currently chilling. He didn't want things to be posh or formal. He hadn't asked any serving staff to wait on them. He just wanted a nice evening with his three best friends so Noct and he could share their news. He had lit a few candles though just because candles were awesome.

Eventually it was time for Noct, Gladio and Ignis to arrive. Prompto had been buzzing with excitement all day but now he was actually beginning to feel nervous. At least he hadn't burned the kitchen down or burned the bolognese. Everything was going fine. He just hoped Gladio and Ignis would take the news well.

[PROMPTO] 🔫 and the price is our own life until it´s done [30 Aug 2017|10:59pm]
The journey back to Insomnia had taken longer than planned. By the time Prompto and Noctis finally arrived the darkness had stretched to almost every hour of the day. It hurt Prompto's heart to see just how bad Insomnia had suffered at the hands of the Empire and he knew however bad he was feeling that Noctis would be feeling a hundred times worse.

They paused to rest and change before entering Insomnia proper. Prompto was dressed for the first time in his Kingsglaive uniform. It hung heavy. The material itself was anything but heavy; it had been perfectly designed for optimal protection and optimal comfort. No, it was the fact that Ignis and Gladio weren't beside him sporting their own Glaive uniforms. They were the ones who deserved to be at Noctis' side far more than Prompto ever did.

Prompto had never seen so many daemons in one place - not even the Keep had been as swarmed. By the time they made it to the Citadel, cutting their way through countless daemons and MTs and had somehow managed to defeat Ifrit (with more than a little help from Shiva) Prompto was exhausted. He was bloody and bruised, but he knew their battle was far from over. He also knew that while he could help keep the daemons and MTs at bay that it was Noctis and Noctis alone that could finally defeat Ardyn. It pained him to know that he couldn't be right by Noct's side for the final battle but he would do all he could to keep the bad guys out of the way long enough for Noct to kick Ardyn's butt with some serious revenge rage. Go Team Noct! He used a potion on himself before grabbing Noct's arm to use one on him too, knowing he'd be too stubborn and too fuelled up on adrenaline to use one himself.

This was it. The final showdown. Everything they had been through had all been leading to this one moment. Prompto grabbed Noctis and pulled him into a rough kiss. There wasn't time to say everything he wanted to say or to savour the kiss half as much as he wanted but it would have to do for now. "You got this, Noct. Go kick Ardyn's ass. For Lucis. For your Dad. For Iggy and Gladio. I got your back, bud!" Prompto parted from Noct, summoned his guns into his hands and walked off to face a trio of Iron Giants while Noctis went forward to take on Ardyn.

It was all going so well. Prompto was keeping the daemons at bay and Noct was laying waste to Ardyn. The dream team. But something went terribly wrong. Noct called forth his entire Armiger, sending it flying towards Ardyn. They should've known Ardyn would have an ace up his sleeve though. The guy was slimy and underhanded as all hell. Suddenly Prompto was dragged from his spot amongst some Imps to find himself in front of Ardyn. Not only was he in front of Ardyn, but he was Ardyn's meatshield. He stood no chance of dodging Noct's Armiger, nor was there time for Noct to call the weapons back. Ardyn vanished just as the weapons plunged into Prompto - stabbing and slicing him to shreds where he stood frozen, eyes wide and fixed on Noct. Finally the Sword of the Father plunged through his chest as he fell to the floor. He was broken and bloody. Blood pooled from his mouth, his nose, his ears. Those oh so bright blue eyes were quickly dulling to a cold, empty grey as he took his last breath.

"Oh dear." Ardyn's voice rung out across the Citadel, but there was no sign of him. "Look what you've done. Oh Noct. You've killed your precious pet. You've killed the only friend you have in this whole wide world. And you call me the monster."

[PROMPTO] ☠ a new royal family, a wild nobility, we are the family [27 Aug 2017|11:12pm]
The trip back to Insomnia felt endless. Whether it was the excitement or the nerves or the fact Noct had delivered on his promise to inappropriately touch Prompto the whole way home was hard to say. Most likely it was a combination of all three. Eventually though, they arrived back at the Citadel. They had people deliver the Ebony vending machine and the Cup Noodle vending machine to their respective recipients and had the documents and machinery from the Research Facility taken up to their private quarters, in the room next to their suite. Making a baby in the warmth and privacy of their home was so much more welcoming than the cold, sterile emptiness of a Research Facility; but Prompto wasn't quite sure he was ready to have a clone machine in the bedroom next to the bed - even if they could dim the lights to hide the contents. The room next door was perfectly safe from prying eyes and close enough to bring comfort without being too close.

Prompto wanted nothing more than to drag Noctis upstairs so they could get to work on actually starting their family. Alas, the life of a King and Prince Consort meant they had to sit through meetings and debriefs and all kinds of royal duties before they could even consider retiring for the evening. At this rate they would both end up passing out on the bed from exhaustion before they could get to the fun stuff.

Once the meetings were over for the day and they had shared a small meal with Ignis and Gladio, Prompto slipped his hand into Noct's and gave it a light squeeze hoping he was just as eager to take leave and head to their quarters.

"Guys. You know I love you and I've totes missed you both this last month and I'm sure you both want to hear about all my adventures with Cor and Cup Noodles, but..." he feigned the worst fake yawn he could muster, stretching his free arm out before folding it behind his head. "I'm beat. Need me some sleep... Noct? You ready to turn in for the night too?" If only his tiredness was believable.

[PROMPTO] 🔫 look out baby I'm just a jealous guy [09 Aug 2017|10:05pm]
The days were growing ever shorter and the nights ever longer. More and more daemons were rising. Their goal was to make it back to Insomnia - reclaim the Crystal and kick Ardyn in his stupid bad guy butt. Noct was driven by the desire for revenge. He wanted nothing more than to make Ardyn pay for all the pain and suffering he had caused. Prompto fully backed Noct's desire, he really did. The only problem was he was beginning to struggle to keep up. Even his own desire for revenge was not enough to fuel his exhausted body.

He had barely had time to breathe since Zegnautus Keep and the aftermath that followed. He had been pushing so hard to keep up with Noct, not wanting to get left behind or risk fuelling that rage within him. Eventually though he had had to admit defeat and ask that they rest for just a little while.

Noctis had been a lot more amenable to the request than Prompto had expected. Not only had he agreed to rest a few nights in Lestallum where the risk of daemon attacks was so much lower than other places; he had also agreed to join Prompto for a drink at one of the smaller bars in the town. Prompto had dressed up in clean clothes - it was amazing just what a difference a hot bath with decent bath products, a soft bed and clean clothes could make. He had also managed to procure some concealer to cover up the dark marks marring his pretty skin - the yellowing bruises left over from his torture as well as the bruises and bite marks of varying ages and severity left by Noct's wandering hands and mouth.

All in all it was shaping up to being a somewhat pleasant night. It was the closest to normal Prompto had felt since the loss of Gladio. Well, it was looking to be a pleasant night until a couple of creeps decided to swoop in on Prompto on his way to the bar. This was not how he wanted things to go. Hopefully he would be able to ward them off before Noct had the chance to see - for their sake and his sake. He was already walking on eggshells around his partner, he didn't want to risk upsetting him.

He could handle this. Creepers at a bar? No biggie. He had this in the bag. One of the men trailed his fingers along Prompto's arm while the other toyed with his hair. He swatted their hands off of him. "Such a pretty bird. Why don't you come with us, Blondie? We could show you a real good time."

One of those wandering hands traces fingers over his jaw and he gave a growl of annoyance. "Sorry. No can do. I'm actually meeting my boyfriend here any minute now."

Apparently that alone wasn't enough to deter his would-be suiters. The wandering hands started up again. "Ditch him. We could show you things he's never even dreamed of. We'll take real good care of you, Little Bird. Make you feel so good."

Again Prompto pushed the hands away. "He takes pretty good care of me already, thanks. He can give me more pleasure in five minutes than you jerks could give me in a lifetime. So why not crawl back to whatever cesspit you dragged yourselves out of and give each other a blowjob or two, huh? I'm not available."

That response did not go well. Those wandering hands became less wander-y and more grabby. One of the men grabbed his arm and twisted it up behind his back. It hurt. But he had had so much worse that he barely flinched. "Sorry Little Bird. We weren't giving you a choice."

"Yeah. About that... might want to take your hand off me now if you know what's good for you..."

[PROMPTO] ☠ you've come this far, but you're still far from home [09 Aug 2017|08:10pm]
The honeymoon had been amazing. Everything had gone right. There had been no major disasters. It had been exactly what Prompto and Noct had needed. Time away from their duties and responsibilities to just be. It was the first time since Noct had returned that they had had a proper vacation. Their previous trips had always had some kind of royal purpose to them - the trips to Niflheim, the trip to Tenebrae. The honeymoon had been a brief moment in time where they could be selfish and just indulge in themselves and in each other and not worry about the world for just a little while.

Sharing the last few days with Ignis and Gladio had been wonderful too. For a few shining moments it was as if they had gone back sixteen years to the first time they stepped out on their road trip so full of excitement and happiness. It had done all of them a world of good and lifted a lot of stresses and tensions they had been shouldering for years.

Unfortunately all good things must come to end and it had been back to business as usual. It had been more than a month and a half since the honeymoon. And more than a month since Prompto had seen Noct in person. They had both been so busy - Noct with his Kingly duties and Prompto with his Princely tours as well as various meetings and journeys to help progress his air taxi ideas. Of course he made sure to call Noct at least once a day - usually more when time allowed. And on more than one occasion he had sent inappropriate selfies and voice messages - just to let Noct know how much he was missing him.

It was the longest they had been apart since Noct returned. Prompto was just glad he had had Cor to keep him company otherwise he would've gone crazy by now. He didn't really understand why Noct had insisted Cor accompany him - oh, wait, right... because the last time he went off alone he almost got himself murdered and Gladio had to stay with Noct. Either way he was glad of the company.

The last stop on his tour was the Magitek Research Facility. He was going to try and find out how to employ magiteknology in order to cleanly and safely power his airship taxis - after all, he knew how important clean energy was to Noct's vision for the future. He was meeting a small trusted research team at the facility - but he wouldn't be giving them complete access - there were still plenty of deep, dark secrets he would rather remained out of the public eye. Even letting the small team of scientists into the region was a huge leap of faith as far as Prompto was concerned. A risky necessity. After all, he was an engineer, not a scientist.

The best past of the whole deal was that Noct was coming out to meet him and he couldn't wait to see his husband again. It was deathly cold, but that didn't stop Prompto from standing out in the snow, bundled up in a coat, scarf, hat and gloves, bouncing his weight from foot to foot as he tried to keep warm as he waited for Noct's arrival.

[PROMPTO] 💀 all by myself don't want to be all by myself anymore [05 Jul 2017|01:07am]
Falling. Prompto was falling. He was falling from the top of a fast moving train. The feeling of falling was quickly drowned out by one of floating. The panic seemed to melt away, an overwhelming sense of calm taking its place. He felt like he was floating on a cloud of a million fireflies. Being carried off in a sea of green. The calmness seemed to twine and shape around him, flooding him with a contentment he had never felt before. So calm. So at ease. He couldn't fight the feeling, letting it drag him under into a peaceful slumber.

When he awoke his soft cloud had gone. The ground beneath him felt hard and uncomfortable. That intense feeling of calm also shattered away leaving a feeling of dread and fear smacking Prompto straight in the face. He had fallen off of a train!! No. Noct had pushed him off of a train. His heart hammered in his chest, a lump formed in his throat as he replayed the moments back over in his head. Noct had chased him, attacked, shouted cruel things to him. The look of hate in Noct's eyes forever burned into his head. Had... had Noct found out where he was from? Had Noct discovered his shameful secret? Why had Noct chased him? It got worse though. When Prompto finally had Ardyn cornered atop of the train Noct had saved Ardyn and pushed Prom. Did Noct truly hate him that much? He hated him more than he hated Ardyn?!

Thinking about it made his heart hurt. Tears pricked at his eyes as he pushed himself to his feet, dusting himself off; wincing a little at tender bruises. Where the hell was he?! He couldn't even see the train tracks. How far had he fallen? He pulled out his phone but there was no signal. Who would he even have called anyway? Noct hated him. Ignis and Gladio were sworn to protect Noct; they wouldn't leave his side to come fetch some traitor from Niflheim. He really was all alone in the world.

"Hold it together, Prompto." He started to walk towards the city he could see in the distance. Maybe he could... what? Find a phone and call his friends? He had lost his friends. He had no one. Maybe he should just lay down here and die and let the monsters feed on him. At least he would be useful for something then. No. He would head for the city and try and figure out a plan once he got there.

[PROMPTO] ☠ surf, beach, palm trees, got, no worries [02 Jul 2017|02:18am]
Prompto had woken up extra early to make sure everything was packed and ready for their honeymoon. His back and legs were still aching but with potions and some weird concoction Ignis had given him to drink the pain was manageable.

He had met up with Ignis to check everything was going according to plan. A car would be arriving to pick Noctis and Prompto under in just over two hours. It would give Prompto enough time to get Noct up and awake and for Ignis to cook him first day of vacation breakfast. One of their attendants was going to drive them to Galdin Quay where they would be able to enjoy a few days of peace and quiet to themselves. In which 'themselves' actually meant with a security team strategically stationed around the Quay. But they were under strict orders to not intervene in any way unless there was a security breech and Noct's life was truly in danger. They had also been ordered not to wear uniforms.

The attendant would be staying at Galdin Quay and would be available if Prompto or Noctis needed them but as far as Prompto was concerned the attendant was pretty much on a paid vacation. There was a reason why they were staying though. Because Prompto had planned that a second attendant would drive the Regalia down to Galdin Quay in a few days bringing Ignis and Gladio with them. Both attendants would then drive back in the first car and most of the security team would return to Insomnia as well.

Then after a couple more days the four bros would drive the Regalia back to Insomnia stopping along the way for a night of camping.

Prompto had spent so much time planning it; working out every little detail with Ignis so all safety concerns would be covered and that Insomnia and the King would be safe. Taking away all the details left a pretty basic plan though:

Day 1: Travel to Galdin Quay
Day 2-3: Enjoy alone time
Day 4-5: Hang out with Gladio and Ignis
Day 6: Camp
Day 7: Home

He had wanted to include everything. He wanted them to have a proper vacation - just the two of them. But he also wanted to be able to spend time with their best friends. Prompto was pretty sure he had found a decent balance. He just hoped that Noctis would have a good time.

Of course, he also had a reputation as a joker and a brat to uphold so he sent Noct a text message asking him to meet him in the Citadel garden once he woke up. In said garden he had set up a simply stick and blanket canopy, champagne and the breakfast Ignis had prepared for them.

"Happy Honeymoon, bud!" His smile was so sweet and sincere too. He should've been an actor!

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